Rochelle wrote at October 13, 2010:
Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your inspirational journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your web page. I have a little blog where I have tried to share my experiences too if you are interested in checking it out Thanks again
Lauren Thompson wrote at September 20, 2010:
Wow, how petrifying, you are such an inspiration to me. As you know I have suffered from depression and various other things over the years, but reading your personal battle, it has made me realise I have nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing your personal story.
christopher jeffreys wrote at September 20, 2010:
inspirational creational artisticle tottaly beautiful work done by a beautiful inspirational young lady youve got2 love her artwork it is full of peace harmony and love what a beautiful thing you are 1 of a kind love
christopher paul jeffreys wrote at September 20, 2010:
love all your hard work youve done u should be really proud of yourself im proud of u miss u heaps taz take care hope 2 see u soon.
wendy wells from English wrote at September 19, 2010:
what an amazing web site, thank you for sharing your journey. I read your diary with empathy that only a fellow suffer would understand. I feel my experiences would have been a lot less traumatic if doctors and consultants actually reviewed our medical histories and words like prolactin, depression, headaches, mood swings etc that repeatedly appear throughout them would cause earlier diagnosis. It seems in this country there is a lack of urgency, understanding of the condition and specialists and of course the ultimate problem money!
Chantelle de Bruin from South Africa (Cape Town region) wrote at September 19, 2010:
Hallo Tollarne I love your Artwork. When I look at Harmony, I can see myself in it. Thank you for sharing your art. Kind greetings Chantelle
Chantelle de Bruin wrote at September 18, 2010:
I want to say thank you for this wonderful website you created. Everything I wanted to know - I found on your website. You are an inspiration to us all. Kind Greetings Chantelle de Bruin (from South Africa)
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