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Post-Op Check-up

4 Weeks after the Transsphenoidal Surgery I had a check-up appointment with my new Endocrinologist Dr Christopher Gilfillan to see if  everything  was  healing ok.  My nose is still swollen and sore but its to be expected. No scars as the incisions were made inside my nasal cavity.  A slight bruise still present underneath my right eye but that will disappear eventually. I still need to take it easy and be cautious of any dust or pollen going into my nose as this could cause an infection. I’m still getting phantom smells (Recognizing smells that are not actually present) as I still have no sense of smell returning as yet. Another check-up to be scheduled in a few months after a bloodtest and an MRI to see if the hormones are back to functioning normal and see how the pituitary is looking after  Transsphenoidal Surgery.
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