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Great News!!!!

Hi everyone,  I hope your all having a lovely day and Welcome to those new to my site. If you have any questions, suggestions for new content, any concerns, comments etc, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page, GuestBook, or on Facebook / Twitter. Please browse the pages at your leisure and enjoy Toll-Art Therapy.
Ok now here’s a brief update on my progress. (Please refer to previous posts for further background knowledge and information) . I had my most recent visit with the endocrinologist. I attended the appointment on my own, with excellent news. All my results are normal (for the first time in many years)  with the exception of the Prolactin levels dropping by 200, but still out of the normal range but stable. I have lost 2 kg, which is a little concerning but its because of my stress and anxiety. The endocrinologists solution ( i’m not to pleased with) is to gain 5-10kg to have a better chance at fertility (although a child can risk my health) and being healthier with my hormone levels. Grrrrr…… frustrating when she doesn’t listen when I have told her several times I do not ever want to have kids!!!!!!! Also to try and reduce the anxiety and stress , which has increased over the past few months, is to get some counselling,  or as a second option is to go on anxiety medication (which can elivate my hormone levels). I will have a think about both options and continue to use Rescue Remedy.
Another positive is my next appointment will be in 6 months and no MRI every 12 months, instead will be in 18months time!!! Yay!
That’s it from me for now. Will update you again soon.
I wish you all Peace, Hope, Happiness and Good Health.
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