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New Year Brings New Beginnings

 I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and celebrated the new year with new beginnings.
I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and a friends.  Filled with yummy food and lots of fun and laughs. Also working in retail was a busy time for me.
Its been a busy start to the year with my job and being on placement in Community Service taking up most of my time. But I still managed to try to catch up with family and friends (even if I don’t see in person Facebook is excellent for this. )
An update on my health. First I want to mention that its coming up to 5 years on 25 January since I had the Pituitary Macroadenoma removed via Transsphenoidal Surgery!  Wow the time has surly flown with a few ups and downs. Coming up on February  12 is my 6 monthly checkup with the endocrinologist. I will schedule a boodtest in the next week or 2 with a visit to the local doctor for my results. My anxiety has been really bad but I try to keep that under control with Rescue Remedy and Exercise. Although my weight , as mentioned in my previous post, has dropped to 43.5 kg. I think because I have a few things on and no time to rest. Apart from the anxiety, I have been a tired, low blood preassure and feeling dizzy or confused sometimes. I think this is mostly symptoms of the anxiety but I will surely mention this to the endocrinologist on my next visit.
On a happy note. Coming up in February I will be also be turning 30 and  have a small celebration with my family .  I’m really looking forward to having a girls night out filled with fun and laughs.This will also be 10 years with my bf and 4 years of sharing my life with my cat. They are my best friends, and i’m so grateful to have had by my side to love, care, support and relax with anytime I need that pick me up and comfort.
I’m very thankful to have love, comfort and support from my family and friends throughout my journey and lifes ups and downs. I hope you all have the support and love from similar people in your life.
That’s it from me for now. I hope you are all traveling well on your journey. Thinking of you always. Sending Peace, Hope and Harmony to you all. Will update again soon.
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