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Routine Visit to Endocrinologist

Good morning. Birds chirping,  9 degrees and the sun is trying to peer out from the clouds on this overcast day in Australia. Going to be a good day :-)
I hope your all going well on your journey. Stay strong and just know that there is always support from Toll-Art Therapy.
Here’s an update on my journey. I had my routine visit / check-up with my endocrinologist. I took my mum with me for support, as I never go to these appointments on my on because I don’t know what to expect.
My results are reasonably good. MRI scan showed no changes to the Pituitary Gland apart from the abnormality from surgery / tumor removal, which is normal.
Now for the blood test results. ~ Thyroid – good, Growth Hormone – good , Cortisol – levels have reduced from 681 nmol/L to  573 nmol/L, Prolactin – level up again (range 0-500) from 1226 miU/L to 1319 miU/L  :-(
The endocrinologist isn’t to concerned to much as levels have only changed slightly. Still not good but will keep monitoring and any new symptoms or increase in current symptoms to notify the endocrinologist to discuss medication.
Also doing the routine check of my blood pressure which is normal.  The endocrinologist is a little concerned because when I stepped on the scales my weight has reduced from 47.5kg to 44.5kg (2 Kilos is not healthy for my frame. ) I don’t mind because its easy to find clothes that fit but its not intentional. I exercise for at least an hour daily, drink 3-4 cups of herbal tea, eat regular meals with the occasional splurge in chocolate / sugar etc. depending on the cravings.
Although my frame of mind is not good at the moment. My anxiety is really bad sometimes and Rescue Remedy Drops and Pastels help when its hard to cope but I think I might look into some relaxation methods including possible yoga or meditation classes.
At the moment I have taken on 2 courses of study being Community Service and Counselling. I’m enjoying learning new skills including trying to help yourself so as you can assist others in crisis, but the Anxiety has increased with this extra pressure. I need to get the Anxiety under better control.
Well that’s it from me for now. Better get back to my studies. I hope for some positive results in a few months. My next endocrinologist appointment is scheduled for February. I’ll keep you updated on any other changes.
I hope you all are going well on your journey. Also hope I am helping people further by telling my story. Any feedback or comments regarding my content is always welcome. Feel free to visit my Facebook and Twitter fan pages.
Peace, Love, Harmony and Hope to you all.



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