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What a week!

I hope you are all going well on your journey of health. I have had a busy week. I  visited my local doctor regarding a few health concerns.
Anxiety has been under control with Rescue Remedy, relaxation, meditation and looking into Yoga. Although some days are worse than others.
Yesterday I had my yearly MRI appointment ( 3 months earlier because of my not so good previous results.) My Mum came with me to have the scan as I don’t look forward to having them after a previous bad experience. This MRI scan was different from my last year scan. I’m usually quite relaxed, but from the beginning of the scan, as I laid down on the bed before I entered the tunnel, I had really bad anxiety and throughout the entire scan. I’m so glad that’s over for another year I hope. I’m staying positive for great results next month with my specialist.
I also saw the Physiotherapist today. My TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) is playing up, causing muscle spasms and nerve issues in my neck, shoulders and back. The Physiotherapist I usually see is on holidays so it was a fill in Physio with a different approach to my health concern. Although her approach was quite thorough, and i’m in quite excruciating pain in my neck, shoulders and down my whole back, I feel that with resting at home this weekend, pain medicine (Nurophen Zavance), Bath Muscle Relaxant Salts, and no housework I will be feeling better in a few days until my next physio session.
Apart from a few other health concerns I have been feeling tired, forgetful and a little dizzy some days. I have also lost 2 kilos (Currently at  44.5kg) since my previous visit.  Not sure if this has anything to do with the Pituitary but I will certainly mention this to the specialist on my next visit.
On the plus side I have decided to enroll in a couple of courses as well as looking for some part time employment, to build up my confidence, keep my mind focused on other things, to eliminate feeling depressed and anxious all the time, and encourage more positive social skills.
Well that’s it from me for now. I hope I haven’t bored anyone with this long post.
I hope you all have a great weekend. Will write more again soon.
PEACE, HOPE & HARMONY to you all.
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