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My Healthy Journey

As we come to the end of March quite a few things have happened. Where do I start? Hmmm…….ok.
Well I worked for 3 months (on trial) at a new job but unfortunately things didn’t work out and I have been unemployed for just over a month. That’s all good though as it has given me a bit of time to get back on my healthy journey. The job was causing me a great deal of anxiety for 3 months so I have been trying to get that under control naturally.
I did my Certificate in Reiki 1 and I will concentrate on doing Reiki 2 at the end of the year to help with my healing. Also i’m going to be learning more website designing /marketing techniques  as well as job hunting once again.
Its about that time for my next visit to the endocrinologist tomorrow for my 6 month check-up. (Although I have reschedule to end of May due to a few other issues in my life well out of my control) I still had my bloodtest on the weekend and will probably need another one again before my next appointment with the endocrinologist. Anxiety not good so i’m trying Rescue Remedy drops and lollies.
I had a visit with my local doctor yesterday for some prescription medication, and I also got a copy of my recent bloodtest. “Thyroid – good, Growth Hormone – good , Cortisol – at the highest end (range 138-690) my levels are: 681 nmol/L, Prolactin – up again (range 0-500) my levels are: 1226 miU/L
Nothing to worry about I don’t think.Will contact the endocrinologist and see if I need an earlier appointment before May. Will keep you updated on my progress.
I hope you all are going well on your journey. Also hope I am helping people further by telling my story. Any feedback or comments regarding my content is always welcome. Feel free to visit my Facebook and Twitter fan pages.
Peace, Love, Harmony and Hope to you all.
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