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Check-Up October 2010

Hi everyone.  Well I had my regular check-up with the Endocrinologist this morning. Let’s just say I did a little happy dance on the inside. YAY!!! WOOOHHOOOO!!!!!! My recent blood test from the 18th of September was excellent. My Prolactin levels have dropped rapidly from 1200 miu/L to 686 miu/L. The levels are almost within the normal range of 0-600 miu/L.  (They haven’t been close to this since 2007.) All my other hormone levels eg. FSH, LH, E2, Cortisol, GH, IGFI, TSH, T4 and T3 are perfect. Although my growth hormone is a little lower than it should be, the endocrinologist is not to concerned as it’s more important in childhood. The MRI scan showed that everything is looking normal with the Pituitary Gland, only a small section left on the side due to the tumor removal. Maybe all the eating healthy (Gluten Free / Wheat Free / Dairy Free) , with the occasional splurge of Cadbury’s Chocolate, and taking Zinc, Magnesium and St John’s Wart vitamins have mad some difference to my results. Will most certainly keep it up!
Before my next appointment the endocrinologist has given me a referral to see a Gynocoligist as there may be a slight problem with my ovaries. Nothing too worry about as yet. Also I will have a regular blood test testing all the hormones again.  The overall Best News is that my usual check-ups with the endocrinologist are every 3-4 months. Now my next check-up will be in 6 months. Hopefully it may turn into once a year check-ups :-)
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