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4 Month Check-up

In February 2009 it had been 4 months since my previous appointment and it was time for my next check-up with the endocrinologist.  I  had a blood test a week before to check how my hormone levels are functioning. I sat in the waiting room nervously waiting to be called in and fingers crossed everything is all good. I was called in and to be relieved when the endocrinologist said that the Blood test results were really good. My hormone levels still functioning normally with the main hormone Prolactin with a reading of 365 mIU/L (within the regular range of 0-500). My menstrual cycle is still irregular and told me to cease with the HRT as my estrogen levels were a still low. He recommend I may eventually need to see a gynecologist and have a Pap Smear test just in-case there may be another irregularity with my ovaries. the endocrinologist is relocating his practice to the city and its a bit far to travel from Gippsland so he referred me to another Endocrinologist closer to me in Berwick. She will have access to all my records over the years and will be able to  to see what the next steps will be for my journey.  I have an appointment with the new endocrinologist in  4  months time to see how my hormones are going.
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