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Ongoing Physiotherapy

Everything is going well so far and my new Physiotherapist and is helping relieve some of the pain and discomfort with my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I saw the physiotherapist twice a week for treatment, and he sent me home with several different exercises and stretches to build up my strength. The physiotherapist said if I can build up a bit of muscle with strength exercises this would minimize the pain and I could do a bit more activity before I need to rest.  I was so relieved when within 6 months of treatment I noticed some real change in my strength and I could stretch out my treatment to once a week, once a fortnight then once a month. The pins and needles reduced rapidly and I could actually start to use my left arm for everyday tasks. Also I could finally be able to use my left hand for doing my artwork and begin looking for employment. After using my right hand for over 12 months now I found that I had become ambidextrous with most things. My artwork was being completed with both hands and in less time I would have produced a piece with just one.
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