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Transsphenoidal Surgery

On  January 25th, 2007  I was admitted to the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton at 11am. My family, Jeremy and close friends were by my side while I got prepped for brain Transsphenoidal Surgery.  I remember getting changed into the gown and laying on the bed while I waited to be called in. The nerves were getting the better of me. I was cold, scared and a little teary -eyed.  I had a few nurses coming and going and my loved ones keeping me occupied prior to Transsphenoidal Surgery.  “Ok Miss Graham they are ready for you”.  Being wheeled up the hallway and towards the theater with my mum by my side. This was it! Anesthetic taking affect. Getting very sleepy.  The  Transsphenoidal Surgery last a few hours for the Pituitary Prolactin Macro-adenoma, a benign tumor the size of a golf-ball, was removed via Transsphenoidal Surgery by the surgeon Dr Pullar.
Several hours later, on a high dose of morphine the nurses woke me and I got wheeled into a highly dependent recovery room. I was so relieved to wake up to the smiling faces of my loved ones. I had made it! Although I felt very uncomfortable with tape all over my face and something stuffed up my nose. My mouth felt like sand and it was quite dry as I couldn’t breath through my nose. I was also unable to drink many fluids for a few hours.
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