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Neurosurgeon Review

In October I had appointment with Dr Pullar to see what to do next. I attended this appointment with my partner as I was quite nervous and glad I have had support along this big journey.  Dr Pullarfirst discussed the results of the MRI scan. This scan of the Pituitary macro-adenoma showed an increase in size of the lesion measuring 2cm x 2cm x 1.5cm. There is evidence of some compression into the optic and sinus chiasm. Then he reviewed the Visual Fields test. My left eye was good, with a slight defect of visual interference, and the right eye was quite poor, with suspected superior defect in my visual interference. This finding means that the Tumour has spread into my optic nerves causing limit vision and quite dangerous because I could eventually go blind. Dr Pullar revealed that as a result of these test results, unfortunately there is no other option than to have Transsphenoidal Surgery (Brain Surgery through the nose) within the next 2 months. He placed me on a waiting list as this is quite urgent and the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton will notify me of when the Transsphenoidal Surgery will be scheduled.
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