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Consultation with Endocrinologist

In July 2006 I saw Dr Tang –Fui for a follow up appointment on my progression of treatment on a natural alternative medication, blood test results and MRI scan results. I had been taking Vitex for 4 months now as I couldn’t handle the side-effects of the prescription medication.  Dr Johnston recommended this natural therapy as she attended a conference and they had introduced this new alternative to treating excess prolactin levels and other hormonal imbalances as this was my last option. I had been seeing Frank Riegal the Naturapath for my prescription of Vitex liquid and I had regular blood test to check on my progress. Unfortunately Dr Tang-Fui was not to please with natural therapy and also the fact that it had not improved my Prolactin levels. With the reading from March to August being 2752 miu/L, 5258 miu/L,  6645 miu/L and 6110 miu/L. Also the recent MRI scan showing an increase in the Pituitary Prolactin Macroadenoma with a measurement of 16mm in size. Dr Tang-Fui recommended I see Dr Johnston to get a referral to see Dr Pullar to discuss what the next steps to take will be.
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