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Great News

In January 2006, a new year and some hopefully great news I attended a follow up appointment with Dr Johnston.  I had some great news for her. I was able to tolerate Vitex with no side effects. My menstrual cycle had resumed and regulated to every 2-3 months. Also my headaches were less frequent and I was feeling really great. Eating healthy and exercising must be contributing!  Dr Johnston was quite please with this news and also extremely happy to inform me that my Prolactin Levels had decrease more than it has in a month to a reading of 1323 miu/L. Still a little higher than the regular range between 0 and 500 miu/L but I had made some real progress. Dr Johnston is happy for me to continue on for a few months on this new treatment of Vitex and to come back for regular blood tests and an MRI scan before I see the Endocrinologist Dr Tang-Fui in 6 months time for a regular checkup.
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