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In December 2005  I had a follow up appointment with Dr Johnston to check on my Prolactin Levels and to review my progress with Bromocriptine. Unfortunately I was also unable to tolerate Bromocriptine as I was having really bad side effects similar to Dostinex. Which included nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigued, no appetite, diarrhea, headaches more intense, restless sleep, rapid heartbeat and lack of concentration. My blood test results showed a slight decrease in the Prolactin Levels being at 1603 miu/L. This was not enough and because I couldn’t tolerate Bromocriptine I needed to seek another alternative treatment. Dr Johnston recommended this natural therapy called Vitex (a herbal remedy) as she attended a conference and they had introduced this new alternative to treating excess prolactin levels and other hormonal imbalances as this was my last option. She gave me details on Vitex to take to my Naturopath Frank to see if he can prescribe this herbal remedy to try.  Dr Johnson asked me to return in a month after another blood test to check on my progress with the new treatment.
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